Introduction to Coffee COURSE

Here at abcoffee we offer various coffee courses and make everything in our power to give you a top quality coffee training by bringing you the techniques, practices and theory of coffee (and everything in between).

In addition to the theory, this module also includes a coffee tasting opportunity, for making you acquainted with and knowledgeable about some of the many incredible tastes that coffee has to offer.


One of our core areas of activity is offering SCA coffee courses. With regard to Introduction to Coffee, it is composed of one sole level and is perfect for the newcomers to the coffee world and industry. During this coffee certification course we cover the basic concepts of coffee and analyse its journey and development – from Ethiopia to the world, from the coffee cherry to coffee grading, all the way through roasting and brewing.

After passing a final written exam at the end of this course at this coffee academy, you’ll be issued a SCA Introduction to Coffee certificate.



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