Diogo is the founder of and head roaster at Senzu Coffee Roasters, and an instructor at Joper’s roasting courses. He holds a Master’s Degree in Coffee Economics and Science from Trieste University, where he is an assistant professor in the Roasting module. In addition he is also a Q Arabica and a Q Robusta Grader. He is our Trainer for SCA courses in Roasting, Green Coffee and Sensory Skills.

He’s the science nerd that makes sure to tell everyone the reason why this particular coffee is good, is because it was planted in the microclimate you can only find in this given mountain that is 2096 meters high in Kenya. Sometimes we think he’s only joking but we eventually realise he actually means it.


O Hugo é fundador e o head barista do Chá das Cinco, é formador nos cursos SCA de Barista e de Brewing. Obteve o 2º lugar no Campeonato Nacional de Baristas de 2022 e 3º lugar no Campeonato Nacional de Baristas de 2019.

Other than this, he thinks of himself as a funny guy who finds beards and tattoos the best thing ever. It’s easy to understand the train of thought behind this: he figured that, since he is going to draw cats and hearts in coffee cups for the rest of his days, he might as well try and compensate by looking badass. It only sort of worked.

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