A coffee school brought to you
by coffee makers, with SCA
approval and certification.

Practical, in-depth knowledge courses and workshops for professionals and enthusiasts.
Coffee as it should be, explained by people who dip their hands in the beans.


Your coffee journey
starts here

Practical, specific training on all stages of coffee.
We guide and follow your growth, from cultivation to the perfect cup.


This has always been
more than a hobby

Of course you already know the difference between Chemex and V60.
We’re here to teach you how to do them well.


Has your team run out of escape rooms to try? Well, have your team building happening here with us instead. As you were going to gather around a cup of coffee anyway, so why not do it yourself?


We offer a 20% discount for courses and/or consulting services at origin countries. We’d be thrilled to be there with you.

Do you want to enroll in one of our courses?
Are you needing a specialist’s insight on how to make your coffee shop better?
Want to share your doubts about coffee?

A coffee school brought to you by coffee makers, with SCA ‑ Specialty Coffee Association approval and certification.

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